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August 20, 2011:

The holiday season will soon upon us and big things are brewing again in our studios and with our website. You've probably noticed...


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New CG works from Virgil Visions will be on display at Renovation from August 17-21, 2011.

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If you've stopped by looking for that bit of odd nostalgia with a humorous twist, or a glimpse of futures that might have been, then you've come to the right place.

Phobos - 1912We're independent producers of digital artwork, original video and DVDs with a particular passion for reviving retro-science, technology and entertainment themes for audiences both old and new.

"Atomic Shorts" gained notoriety as our first DVD compilation back in 2004, for bringing classroom classics such as 'Duck and Cover' back into the public eye.  Since then, we've released four additional titles including "Atomic Briefs", "Past-O-Rama" (Volumes 1 and 2), and in 2007 looked to the skies for out-of-this-world short-subjects with the release of "Space Haste!". 

In 2007 we expanded into the world of digital art, and have been exhibiting original works in shows and galleries across the United States.

Last year we took on our most ambitious (and ongoing) project to date, the creation of an original short-subjects and a documentary series for internet and cable broadcast.

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Our DVD section is the place to preview clips from our compilations and to get sneak peaks on upcoming releases.

Our online Store contain products from all our creative efforts, plus a bit of fun, available directly from Virgil Visions and from our product partners including CafePress.  

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