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August 20, 2011:

The holiday season will soon upon us and big things are brewing again in our studios and with our website. You've probably noticed...


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New CG works from Virgil Visions will be on display at Renovation from August 17-21, 2011.

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DVD Releases Now Available for Shipping!

August 20, 2011:

Since 2004, Virgil Visions has produced a number of niche-market DVDs that have appealed to audiences of all ages.

Until recently, Virgil Visions DVDs had only been available through a few individual dealers at science-fiction conventions or special events.

We're pleased to announce that in addition to these channels, all Virgil Visions DVDs are now available through  

A full DVD catalog will be posted when our website relaunches in November of 2011.  Meanwhile, here's a sampling of trailers and ordering information for all Virgil Visions DVDs.  

Clicking on any of the order links will soon take you directly to for fast ordering and shipping.  (We're updating our product line so you might see a "Product is no longer available" message for a day or two.)

Past-O-Rama: Vol. 1

Click to Order:
($12.95 plus shipping)

Space Haste!

Click to Order:
($12.95 plus shipping)

Past-O-Rama: Vol. 2

Click to Order:
($12.95 plus shipping)

Atomic Shorts

Click to Order:
($12.95 plus shipping)

Atomic Briefs

Click to Order:
($12.95 plus shipping)

Inquiries for additional information can be sent to: